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Admin Documents
Code of Conduct Document: Lynda Somers: TAS HOG Code of Conduct (16.2 Kb)
Chapter Documents 2020
Directors Annual Report: (1,336.5 Kb)
HOG Auditors Report Sept 2020: (4,439.1 Kb)
AGM Minutes 2020: Lynda Somers: AGM Minutes September 2020 (162.5 Kb)
Committee Meeting Minutes
HOG Chapter Minutes for September 2nd 2020: Lynda Somers: Minutes of HOG Committee Meeting September 2nd 2020 (99.0 Kb)
Merch Size Guide: Cath Mainsbridge: Guide to Leagues Garment Sizes September 2020 (94.0 Kb)
Safety Information
Covid Event Attendance Sheet: Lynda Somers: Covid Appropriate Event Attendance Sheet (68.0 Kb)
Covid Posters: Lynda Somers: Covid Hygiene Posters (1,582.0 Kb)
Covid Questions Sign: Lynda Somers: HOG Covid Questions Sign (195.9 Kb)
Covid Safety Plan: Lynda Somers: Covid Safety Plan September 2020 (57.4 Kb)