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Chapter Documents 2020
2020 Chapter Handbook: (2,261.9 Kb)
2020 Chapter Licence: (560.9 Kb)
Chapter Event Release Form - Adults: (105.0 Kb)
2020 Touring Handbook Front Cover: (203.5 Kb)
Chapter Event Release Form - Minors: (85.8 Kb)
Minors Assumption of Risk Acknowledment: (99.9 Kb)
Chapter Newsletters
Hog Newsletter March-April: (3,923.6 Kb)
Hog Newsletter January-February 2020: Simon Timmers: (11,380.3 Kb)
Committee Meeting Minutes
Record of Online Committee Discussion May 6th 2020: Lynda Somers: Record of Online Committee discussion May 6th 2020 (Instead of planned face to Face Meeting) (48.1 Kb)
HOG Chapter Minutes for March 4th 2020: Lynda Somers: Hog Committee Minutes March 4th 2020 (112.5 Kb)