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AGM Documents 2019
Auditor's Financial Report 2019: (334.8 Kb)
Director's Report 2019: (233.7 Kb)
AGM Minutes 2019: (161.5 Kb)
Chapter Newsletters
Tacoma Chapter Newsletter Sept 2019: Hog Members of the USA chapter, Tacoma visited the state last week and thought we might be interested to read their latest newsletter. (15,084.0 Kb)
HOG Newsletter September- October 2019: (8,666.4 Kb)
Committee Meeting Minutes
HOG Chapter Minutes for October 2nd 2019: Lynda Somers: (110.5 Kb)
HOG Chapter Minutes for January 16th 2019: (106.0 Kb)
HOG Chapter Minutes for February 6th 2019: (107.0 Kb)
Member Forms
HOG AU Membership Form 2019: Hog AU Membership form 2019 (335.8 Kb)
Mechandise List Oct 15 2019: Cath Mainsbridge: Latest Chapter Merchandise List (18.0 Kb)