14th September 2019
By Lynda Somers

Most members would be aware that the AGM of the HOG Tasmania Chapter was held last weekend. Thank you to all those who attended and a huge thank you must also go to the members of our new committee for 2019/20. We are pleased to be starting the year with a full committee and without people being willing to fill these roles the chapter would not be able to operate. Your time is much appreciated and we look forward to working together.

Your your information and reading pleasure the new committee is listed below along with links to take you to the AGM documents.

AGM Minutes 2019

Director's Report 2019

Auditor's Financial Report 2019



Executive Committee Positions:

Director                              Henk Van Zetten

Assistant Director              Henry Zacher

Secretary/Public Officer     Lynda Somers

Treasurer                           Katelyn McCarthy


Other Committee Positions:

Dealer Principal                       Simon Hrycyszyn

Dealer Representatives           Mark Proietti / Lindelle Banks

Activities Officer  (North)          Michael McCarthy

Activities Officer  (NW)             Mary-Anne Pearce

Activities Officer  (South)          Anthony Riseley

            Head Road Captain                  Garry Head

            Road Captain  (North)              Jason Farrow

            Road Captain  (North)              Michael McCarthy

Road Captain  (NW)                 Andrew Pearce

Road Captain  (NW)                 Kim Barton

Road Captain  (South)              Rinus Pluymers

Road Captain  (South)              Mick Humes

Membership Officer                  Trudi Hogg

Ladies of Harley                        Dianne Cook

Webmaster                               Lynda Somers

Safety Officer                            Wayne Bresnehan

Newsletter Editor                       Simon Timmers

Quartermaster                           Cath Mainsbridge

Quartermaster (South)               Pam Bresnehan

Photographer (North)                 Mary-Anne Pearce

Photographer (South)                Sharon Humes

Historian                                    Catherine Mainsbridge


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