HOG Tasmania Chapter maintains a closed Facebook group page for member's use.

Members can only use the Facebook page "Tasmania Chapter - Harley Owners Group" by first reading, understanding and agreeing to the requirements stated in:

By using the Facebook page "Tasmania Chapter - Harley Owners Group" it is deemed that you agree to these requirements.

Facebook Rules

1. The Tasmania Chapter Harley Owners Group is restricted to approved, financial local chapter members only (Partners may only have access if primary Member is not on facebook)

2. Please message one of our administrators with your Chapter and AU HOG number to join.

3. Please be aware your H.O.G Australia and local memberships both need to be current.

4. This page is not the official form of communication for the chapter.  Please refer to our website www.hogtasmania.org.au or our newsletter for any official communications.

5. Please feel free to post respectable and appropriate photos, videos and info about your adventures that comply with these F/B rules at all times.

6. All posts by members are monitored. The webmaster, director and members with FB admin have the right to remove posts deemed to be inappropriate and not comply with approved content.

7. Non-HOG events and rides can be posted by any member under the following conditions:

  • The non-HOG event or ride can only be posted once
  • The post must be marked “This is a non-HOG event”
  • The post cannot be posted as a 'HOG event' (unless by an approved admin member)
  • The post cannot be promoted either by 'pinning', additional comments by the poster (except to clarify meaning) or any other means
  • Important updates to the information previously posted can be posted under the same conditions as above.
  • The post must not be political, discriminatory,  racist, sexist, offensive or contain any derogatory or bullying content.
  • The post does not conflict with a HOG event.

8. All members can directly contact the webmaster, the Director or members with FB admin if they see FB content that does not meet approved content requirements or have any other concerns.

9. Adding or removing FB member access is done by the webmaster, director and or his/her delegate.

10. Adding and removing member FB admin access or removing posts for non-HOG rides or events is done by the webmaster or his/her delegate with approval from the Director or his/her delegate

11.  Any member or members that do not comply with the Chapter F/ B rules and/or being involved with inappropriate postings, comments or media publication will be removed from the Tasmania H.O.G Chapter face book group and will lead to disciplinary action and expulsion from the chapter with no exceptions